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Below is an overview of services I currently provide. Please contact me directly to schedule a meeting if you would like more detailed information. Prices are subject to change through mutual agreement of all parties.  Final fees and payment arrangements are agreed upon in writing at the signing of the contract for services. 

Birth Support
Please contact me for specific fee details.

Doula care has been shown to shorten labor time by up to 25%, reduce interventions by up to 40% and lower the rate of c-section by up to 50%. Doula care is also associated with higher overall birth satisfaction rates.


My Primary role is providing physical and emotional support to families during birth. Through techniques such as position changes, stress reduction, light massage, and various comfort measures, I help parents achieve the goals they have for the birth of their baby. Whether planning a medicated, unmedicated, or cesarean birth, I support all laboring parents and their choices. When unexpected situations happen, I help my clients advocate for themselves by making sure they understand their options, and have all their questions answered so they can make informed decisions about their birth.


Birth support includes, but is not limited to: 2-3 prenatal meetings, continuous support throughout the labor and birth, and postpartum follow up.

Breastfeeding Support & Education

Content Baby

Private Childbirth Classes


I am certified through ICEA  (International Childbirth Education Association) as a Childbirth Educator.(ICCE) Through special arrangements, I offer private childbirth classes. Although I do offer a fair amount of education during doula prenatal meetings, this is a comprehensive class, and is not included as part of my regular doula fee. 


Although I am not a professional photographer, I will, at the request of my clients, take pictures before, during, or after the birth. I do not have specialized equipment, and will use either my, or my clients' camera, depending on their wishes. I always ask before I take any personal photos, and will never post or share them without written permission. This service is provided as a courtesy to my clients at no additional charge. 

I have over 20 years of experience supporting families who choose to breastfeed.  I am a retired accredited La Leche League Leader, and am happy to provide this support indefinitely at no extra charge. Support could include phone help or in-person visits. For more information about La Leche League, please visit their website:


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