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Lynn Evans, ICCE

I'm often asked how I came to be a doula. After much reflection on what first drew me to birth work, I realized that it was my oldest sister who gave me an amazing gift. When I was 16, she invited me to attend the birth of my second nephew. I was completely in awe of her strength and how empowering giving birth was! I didn't realize it at the time, but by giving me the honor of sharing her experience, she ignited my lifelong passion for birth. I will always be grateful to her for helping me find my calling. 


Following the birth of my first child, I began attending La Leche League meetings as a way to meet other parents in my area. Although I didn't have any issues with breastfeeding, I relished the support and camaraderie of the other people in the group. I became an accredited La Leche League Leader so that I could support those who desired to parent their babies through lactation. Through over 20 years of experience supporting and educating others, I learned the power and value of parents supporting parents. It was then that I began to recognize the extent of my longing to support people in all aspects of birth and parenting; and how vital it is to meet families wherever they are in their journey.  In 2010, I decided to follow my passion for all things birth. I trained as a birth doula, and as a childbirth educator. I have previously been Certified as a Birth Doula, and am currently a Certified Childbirth Educator, (ICCE) through ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association).  Since my initial training, I have supported over 300 birthing families. 


Through continuing education, and a supporting network of other birth professionals, I am able to provide my best possible care for my clients. 



My Philosophy

I firmly believe that every family has a right to have the birth they imagine, as much as physically possible. It is their journey! I do not bring my own biases to someone else's birth. My support is continuous, and without prejudice. My role is to support, not judge.


I am part of a birth team that includes, but is not limited to, the pregnant parent, their partner, and their care providers. I respect and support all decisions they make regarding their birth. I am not a medical professional, I value the opinions of the care providers, and I do not interfere with a provider's advice. With that said, my responsibility is to my clients. My role is to provide support and information so they are able to advocate for themselves. I strive to ensure that they have all their concerns addressed so that they may make informed decisions about the direction of their birth. 

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